Building Better FDA Submissions

What is a reviewer template? To help reviewers conduct a more consistent product evaluation and write a review report with all required information, FDA created reviewer templates. The template is a detailed outline and explanation of the information that must be in an FDA reviewer's evaluation report.
How can I use this information? Use the template as a checklist to confirm your submission contains all the data and information reviewers need to perform their job. An ideal application is to create a table, which maps the template's requirements to pages in your submission where the information can be found. This information map will also confirm your submission is complete.
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Document Title Pages  
1 CDER Clinical Review Template, Manual of Policies and Procedures (MAPP) 40
2 CDER Biostatistics Biologics Licensing Application Template 15
3 CDER Biostatistics New Drug Application Template 15
4 FDA Guidance for Reviewers - Instructions and Template for Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control 38