Laptop/SmartPhone Mobile Healthcare New Development & US FDA Guidance on Mobile Apps:

FDASmart legacy in pharmaceutical and life sciences information technology (IT) dates back to our Pfizer days.
We assisted with the implementtation of Pfizer’s ASRS (Automated Storage Retrieval System), a $ 5 Million robotics –conveyor belt rack based compound storage system that allowed Sample Bank catalogue, search and retrieve Pfizer’Central Research’s rich library of new compounds for durg research and development in Groton, CT.

FDASmart has assisted Pharmaceutical companies like GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline), Forest Labs, etc with software applications development includin a one-of-a-kind field clinical trials and reporting system that incorporated real-time collection and reporting of Pfizer clinical trials data with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. (e Clinical Research Associate) . We provide database and networking technology assistance to other Big Pharma including leveraging more economical software development from our India IT offices.

Today, FDASmart continues its information technology consulting and development services with SmartInspect – see

SmartInspect was featured in the January 2012 issue of "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing”, available here:

 Mobile Application Development
FDASmart has started mobile application development from its India group starting with an Android based clinical trial video application* in conjunctions with its partnering with one of the leading ubiquitous mobile video vendor, Polycom. Our partnership with Polycom includes  one-day JOINTLY ORGANIZED AND HOSTED events in the U S starting with this one-day conference:  ( )

FDASmart will  soon provide pharmaceutical vertical software development services with Polycom using their to be released SDK for the REALPRESENCE mobile video platform.

FDASmart can assist pharma or life sciences mobile application development including on Samsung Galaxy tablet (Android 4.0), Windows 8 phone or tablet systems. We are well informed with the US FDA gudiance on mobile application guidance and can assist with sorting out medical devices/applications regulatory compliance with the US FDA.