Webinars & Conferences US & India Life Sciences :

  FDASmart closely monitors developments in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices sector in the US and lately in emerging regions like India, China etc.
 Upcoming Webinar in US
Webinar - “Sourcing OTCs, Generics & Pharmaceutical Services from Indian Manufacturers & CMOs* :
How to Navigate Sourcing from India Without a GPS" (* Contract Manufacturing Organizations *)
March 20th, 2013 – 11am EST
 List of Past Webinars :
 List of Past Events in US :
13th April 2011 "Winning the War Against Pharmaceutical Counterfeits in Emerging Regions: How To Stay One Step Ahead !" http://www.fdasmart.com/events/pharma-anticounterfeitingpines.html
28th July 2010 “A One-Day Seminar with Networking on How China and India are the SAME But  DIFFERENT in Leading the Global Pharma Shift Towards Emerging Regions"
 List of Past Events in India :
11th April 2012 2nd Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting in Emerging Regions -
27th Sept 2011 One day forum on “BioPharma IT – Next Generation : Will India Lead or Follow ?” at ITC Grand Central Hotel - Mumbai http://fdasmart.com/events/biopharma-it/index.html
9th June 2011 One day forum on “Global Mergers & Acquisitions of Indian BioPharma:
Boom or Bust for the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry?” at ITC Grand Central Hotel - Mumbai
4th March 2011 One-day forum on “Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting in Emerging Regions: Who’s Winning the Battle” http://www.fdasmart.com/events/pharma-anticounterfeitinglalit.html