Emerging Region Services From India:


It's no secret-the center of gravity for the pharmaceutical industry is shifting to Asia, led by the two developing nations of China and India.

India and China share many similarities as possible partners to Western biopharmaceutical companies & future fast-rising end-markets for new drug sales.

But look deep down and you’ll see two very different areas of possible opportunities. China and India have vastly Different Cultures, Demographics, Business Best Practices etc that NOT ONLY PRESENT CHALLENGES BUT COULD MEAN SUCCESSFUL OR FAILED business ventures.. If you are an SME (Small/Medium Enterprise in Life sciences)- the CHALLENGES BECOME ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO Surmount!


Let FDASmart Inc ASSIST !

We are a New York-USA based company with offices in India and soon an RO office in China.

To see how FDASmart Can Assist your bio-pharmaceutical ventures in India, please see: www.fdasmart.com/emerging.pdf

Opportunities in the East not with-standing, the West needs to PLAN for by analyzing the complex and not-so-obvious ways global trends interact in their industries.

Whether your interest lies with:
Tapping Asia’s large population pool of treatment naïve patients in China or India
Learning how a Big Pharma is dealing with anti-counterfeiting measures in these two regions
Leveraging Low-Cost/High-Skilled scientific labor
Deploying e-outsourcing partnerships for discovery / R&D, later stage clinical trials or GMP compliant manufacturing
Distribution Centers
Seeking generic drug sources or partner
Seeking new market opportunities and sources of drugs sales revenues in the future
Shopping for joint ventures or M&As in Asia
FDASmart Can help Answer Questions Like:
1) “We keep hearing about the 30-60% savings of drug discovery and development work in China and India. Is it really working out that way for MNCs?”
2) “MNCs seem to be making much bigger investments in captive R&D centers in China than they are in India. Why is that?
3) “In most every other industry, intellectual property is a much bigger problem in China than in India. But in pharmaceuticals, it is the other way around.  Why?
4) “How are these risk-sharing partnerships with Indian CROs working out in practice? In general, are they delivering as promised to MNCs? Is the quality of their work as good as advertised? Same question for the Chinese CROs.”
5) “The health care systems are evolving in both India and China.

India is mainly out-of-pocket and is grossly underserved. In China, drugs are distributed through hospitals and cost can be very expensive for the average person. How will these systems evolve, and what does that mean for big pharmaceutical companies?”
6) “If you aren't doing a lot in India or China now, is it too late? Are is there an advantage in being a late mover?”
7) More pharma MNCs are turning their attention to "smaller" diseases and niche markets, rather than focusing exclusively on mega-billion blockbusters. Will this continue, and are the lower drug discovery costs in China and India helping this trend?
8) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China and ayurvedics in India are big markets.
   Why is  it we see very little interest or developments on this from Big Pharma? Can you explain?